Egypt has faced challenges to its energy supply in recent years, but is
looking ahead to new opportunities to revive domestic production.
BP Magazine visits the country to find out more.

BP has been helping Egypt to meet its energy needs for more than half a century and today, with its partners, provides almost 10% of the country’s oil production and 40% of its gas. With record investment in major projects in the Nile Delta set to significantly boost the supply of much-needed domestic energy, BP Magazine在线观看的资源视频 takes a close-up look at BP’s natural gas operations in Egypt. How is this important fuel for the future reaping rewards for North Africa’s most populous nation?

在线观看的资源视频The world over, Egypt is renowned for the architectural symbols of its ancient history. From Luxor’s Valley of the Kings to Giza’s mythical Sphinx, the North African country is a serious contender for the title of best open-air museum on the planet.

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  • Report: Amanda Breen
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  • Video: Polar Media
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